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What Safety Features Our FRS-8 Bath Bomb Press Machine Offer?

2024-07-03 14:04:27
Making bath bombs is exciting and satisfying. But safety is very important. The FRS-8 Full-Auto Bath Bomb Press Machine is great for its performance and safety features. Many accidents happen because of poor safety. Over 60% of these accidents are due to weak safety measures. The FRS-8 works to cut down this number. Let's look at the safety features of the FRS-8. It is perfect for bath bomb makers, small businesses, and DIY fans.


Smart Safety Sensors
Preventing Accidents Before They Happen
Safety sensors help prevent accidents. They detect hazards like obstacles or odd movements. They act fast to reduce risks. These sensors watch the environment all the time. They give real-time alerts and automatic responses.
Auto Stop Function
One great feature of the FRS-8 is its auto-stop function. This safety feature stops the machine if it detects a hand or object near the mold. It lowers the risk of injury. It keeps the operators safe. This function also protects the machine from damage. It helps the machine last longer and stay reliable. 

Touch Screen Alerts
Touch screen alerts give instant action for safety issues. These alerts show operators detailed problem info. This helps them fix issues fast. Quick responses cut downtime and prevent hazards. 

Built-in Safety Protocols
Pre-programmed safety rules help operators use the machine safely. They include step-by-step instructions for new users. These rules cover daily tasks and emergency actions. They cut human error and improve safety.

Superior Design and Material Choices
The FRS-8 is designed for safety and durability. It uses stainless steel for the cover and contact parts. This makes it strong and rust-resistant. The double motor system adds stability. This lowers the risk of mechanical problems. The Japan oil pump and servo motor hydraulic system save 50% of power. They prevent overheating and keep the machine safe during long runs. Every part of the FRS-8 is built for long-term safety and smooth operation.

Advanced Control Systems
The FRS-8 has advanced control systems that balance precision and safety. It uses PLC controls and mechanical arm automation. These features make sure the machine runs smoothly and safely.
The computer system with PLC allows precise adjustments. This reduces human error. It helps the machine run efficiently and safely.
Operators can change the pressure and press time based on the powder type. This stops over-pressing and avoids machine damage. It makes the production process safer.
The automatic arm takes bath bombs from the mold and puts them on a conveyor. This cuts down on manual work and related risks. It makes the workspace safer for operators.



FRS-8(new generation)

Feeder volume


Max pressure


Max press diameter of bath ball


Measurement precision



15pcs/press(for 40-70mm mold,can customize) 



Hydraulic oil


Cooling type

air cooling


Machine outer frame: 304 stainless steel; 

MoldPOM/Alu/stainless steel

Machine weight


Machine size(includes conveyor 1.5m)

3300*1000*2100mm(for reference)


Why Choose Our FRS-8 Machine?
The FRS-8 New Generation Full-Auto Bath Bomb Press Machine sets a new bar for bath bomb making. It has advanced safety features. Intelligent sensors detect hazards and stop the machine to prevent accidents. The design and materials make it reliable and durable. Every part of the FRS-8 ensures operator safety and efficient production. It is a top pick for serious crafters.
Elevate your bath bomb production with the FRS-8. Experience the difference yourself. Its strong build and smart technology make production smoother. It also reduces downtime and maintenance costs. Invest in the FRS-8 to take your bath bomb creations to the next level. Enjoy unmatched safety, performance, and efficiency that will set your products apart in the market.