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FRS-1/2/4 Pneumatic Bath Bomb Press Machine



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    FRS-2 Parameters

    Machine weight: 10kg

    Machine size: 40*10*50cm

    Mold material: Sandblasted Alu

    Air compressor: 30-50L/min 0. 7mpa 100psi (connect 8mm pipe)

    Capacity: one time press 2pcs; about 240pcs per hour

    FRS-4 Parameters

    Machine weight: 25kg

    Machine size: 35*35*70cm

    Mold material: Sandblasted Alu

    Air compressor: 30-50L/min 0. 7mpa 100psi (connect 8mm pipe)

    Capacity: one time press 4pcs; about 480pcs per hour


    1. The price valid in 30 days.

    2. Payment terms: 100% TT .

    3. Delivery time: within 7 working days after deposit arrives.

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